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ONLINE BOOK The Horses Of Carvecchio

ONLINE BOOK The Horses Of Carvecchio




The Horses of Carvecchio

by K K Corner

rating: 5.0 (1 reviews)

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Carvecchio is an immortal wizard. To remain immortal, he must carve one wooden horse every year. His wizardly skills give him the ability to make any of his colorful creations come to life when he calls upon them. He chooses three horses, Hurricane, Shadow Knight, and Stargazer to possess magical powers when they briefly come to life during special adventures throughout history. When ridden, these majestic animals give strength and power to their riders as well as enable Carvecchio to see through the rider’s eyes and know their thoughts. After an embarrassing encounter with early Christians, Carvecchio uses his enchanted horses in attempts to derail this movement at critical moments in history.

When in France, Carvecchio designs and builds a carousel where he mounts his colorful and masterfully carved steeds when they are not required to assist him in his endeavors. The American Colonies intrigue him, so he takes his carousel to America. He and his horses assist in the American Revolution and later with the Pony Express.

K. K. Corner is a Korean War veteran and lives in a suburb of Seattle, Washington. Mr. Corner has written several children’s color books. This is his first full length and co-authored novel. The historical content of this book reflects his interest in children's literature and education. Mr. Corner has a business degree from the University of Washington and he did graduate studies in economics at NYU.

Ray Ruppert is a veteran of the Vietnam conflict and lives in the suburbs of Everett, Washington. He authored two novels and assisted others authors with their novels. This is Mr. Ruppert’s first co-authored novel. He has a BSEE degree from the University of Washington and a MATS degree from Liberty University.

Ages: 12-Adult



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publisher: Tex Ware (May 20, 2017)
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The Horses of Carvecchio

It,,will,,be,,released,,May,,20,,,2017His,,,wizardly,,,skills,,,give,,,him,,,the,,,ability,,,to,,,make,,,any,,,of,,, his ... Home,,,·,,,About,,,Us,,,·,,,The,,,Horses,,,of,,,Carvecchio,,,·,,,999,,,Years,,,After,,,Armageddon,,,·,,, Battling,,,Satan,,,with,,,the,,,Armor,,,of,,,God,,,·,,,Reflections,,,on,,,First,,,and,,,Second,,,Peter,,,·,,,The  ... Home,,,·,,,About,,,Us,,,·,,,The,,,Horses,,,of,,,Carvecchio,,,·,,,999,,,Years,,,After,,,Armageddon,,,·,,, Battling,,,Satan,,,with,,,the,,,Armor,,,of,,,God,,,·,,,Reflections,,,on,,,First,,,and,,,Second,,,Peter,,,·,,,The  ... Home,,,·,,,About,,,Us,,,·,,,The,,,Horses,,,of,,,Carvecchio,,,·,,,999,,,Years,,,After,,,Armageddon,,,·,,, Battling,,,Satan,,,with,,,the,,,Armor,,,of,,,God,,,·,,,Reflections,,,on,,,First,,,and,,,Second,,,Peter,,,·,,,The  ... The,,,Horses,,,of,,,CarvecchioTo,,remain,,immortal,,,he,,must,,carve,,one,, wooden,,horse,,every,,yearPeople,,,Also,,,LikeFor,,,more ... 33,,,likes


John,,between ... Carvecchio,,is,,an,,immortal,,wizardIt,,,was,,,built,,,by,,,the,,,Order,,,of,,,StNew,Book!,Ray,and,K,K,Corner,have,joined,together, to,bring,you,this,exciting,novelCool,,,Car:,,,Vecchio's,,,1971,,,Buick,,,Riviera,,,,which,,,kept,,,getting,,,blown,,,up,,,, and ... A,,,page,,,for,,,describing,,,Characters:,,,Due,,,SouthConstable,,Benton,,Fraser,,,Royal,, Canadian,,Mounted,,Police,,A,,Canadian,,Mountie,,so,,stereotypically,,awesome,,that  ... 20,,mar,,2015,,..Northern,,Equipment,,Rental,,&,,Supply,,LLC,,·,,Rental,, Shop,,·,,Custom,,Quilted,,Bedding,,·,,Professional,,Service,,·,,The,,Horses,,of,, Carvecchio. Chained,,Heat:,,Fraser,,and,,Inspector,,Thatcher,,in,,All,,the,,Queen's,,Horses,,and,, Fraser,,..Avete,un,vecchio,smartphone,che,giace,inutilizzato,e,volete,riciclarlo?,Ecco, alcune,soluzioni,che,permettono,di,dargli,nuova,vita,senza ... St,,John's,,Co-Cathedral,,is,,a,,Roman,,Catholic,,co-cathedral,,in,,Valletta,,,Malta,,, dedicated,,to,,Saint,,John,,the,,Baptist




K K Corner



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